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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a link to the Digital Hymnal on my page?

Sure. You can even include a graphic link using any of these images:

logo.gif (2492 bytes)

logomus.gif (7872 bytes)

logomss.gif (2858 bytes)

To use this images as your link to the Digital Hymnal, download them or insert the following code into your page:

The SDA Digital Hymnal<br>
<a href=""><img alt="Digital Hymnal"

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Can I request a hymn that is still not available?

Yes, and we will give it priority. For requests, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

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How can I get all the hymns and lyrics contained in the Digital Hymnal?

Go to the DOWNLOAD area to download a ZIP (compressed) file. If your internet server is slow and you prefer those files sent to you through email, let us know.

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Can I contribute with MIDI files to the Digital Hymnal?

Yes! Click here for more information.

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How can I cancel the script errors on Internet Explorer 3?

Those script errors are really annoying. What you have to do is to go to view in the menu and select options. Click on the security tab and remove the "Run ActiveX Scripts" check mark. Click the Apply button at the bottom, then click on OK. That's it!

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How can I hear the Music?

The music featured in the Digital Hymnal is in MIDI (.mid) format. To play MIDI files inline (as part of a web page) your web browser needs a plug-in to interpret and play the compositions. Links are also provided on each composition page so that you may download the MIDI file and play it using a separate application.

Current versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer include the QuickTime Plug-in, which is the most effective, available and reliable method of inline MIDI playback.

No matter what you choose for inline MIDI playback, your web browser needs to be configured to use that method for MIDI files. Your browser's preferences allow you to match MIME types and file extensions with plug-ins and other helper applications. For MIDI playback, the following two entries should be listed.

MIME type File Extension (filename.midi)

audio/x-midi mid, midi
audio/midi mid, midi

For each MIME type choose your preferred plug-in or helper application. Once you've set these preferences, each composition should play automatically when its page has downloaded. (If you've chosen a playback method that doesn't support auto-play you'll need to click its "play" or "start" button.)

Other inline MIDI playback plug-ins that include more and better-sounding instruments are :



How does the Search feature work?

The home page and the indexes contain now a search feature. You can search for words in the hymn's title or for the number of the hymn. When searching for words, the search engine retrieves a list of all those pages whose titles contain the words in the search string. It matches the search string, word by word, left to right. When searching for numbers, the search engine retrieves the hymn page according to the number. It is faster because it doesn't have to look into the database. It goes directly to the hymn page.

At this point, the Digital Hymnal is still under development, so although the search engine retrieves a list of pages, many of those pages are not yet available. When you go to a page that is not on-line, you will get a "Not Found" message.

NOTE: The search feature works only on JavaScript capable browsers.

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Who is the author or organizer of the Digital Hymnal?

The Digital Hymnal was created, and is developed and maintained by Pablo Aguilar. Click here for more information about the organization of the Digital Hymnal.

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If you have any other question, please fill out this form.



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