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About the Digital Hymnal

The Digital Hymnal is a collection of MIDI Files, lyrics, and historical notes about the authors and composers of hymns, based on the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. It follows the numeric order of the SDA Hymnal and includes the same indexes.

The Digital Hymnal is being developed by a group of volunteers. It is not sponsored by any business organization and has no intents for any profit. Its main objective is to provide a worship and teaching resource and an easy way to download MIDI files of hymns through the internet.

While the use of acoustic instruments in the church is the perfect ideal, that's not always possible. There's some small churches and fellowships where musical ability and financial resources may be in short supply. The Digital Hymnal is useful on those circumstances. Furthermore, the Digital Hymnal could complement the use of acoustic instruments and play along with violins, clarinets, or flutes.

The Digital Hymnal seeks to make good Christian music for worship available to those who desire it but have not the skill to play it. Outside the church, another practical application for the Digital Hymnal is for family worship.

The Digital Hymnal is not restricted to Seventh-Day Adventist members. Most of the hymns in the the Digital Hymnal are loved and used by most Christian denominations. The Digital Hymnal contains such popular Christian hymns as "Rock of Ages" and "Blessed Assurance." 

The basic requirements for playing this files are a computer with a sound card with GM capabilities. But for a better sound quality, you may use more sophisticated equipment, such as a digital piano, or a synthesizer, connected to a computer.

If you would like to contribute with MIDI files or some other aspects of the Digital Hymnal, press here for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Hymnal's webmaster, Pablo Aguilar.

About this Site's Design

The design and graphics used in this site reflect the character and objectives of the Digital Hymnal. The classic columns, more than an ornament, typify the nature of the hymns. Columns are used in architecture to support the superstructure of buildings and, also, occasionally as freestanding monuments. Likewise, hymns that have endured the trial of time, are the basis of sacred music. Parallel to that thought, is the portrayal of the church as a column (or pillar) and foundation of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15).The fonts in the Digital Hymnal's logo depict the digital and classic features of the digital hymns. The blue shadow in the Home page's image represent the Lord's guidance, as the pillar of cloud that guided the Israelites (Exodus 13:21). The musical notes invite you to "sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving (Psalms 147:7)."

Suggestions for using the Digital Hymnal

  • If you are a song leader, you can find out how a specific hymn sounds like when you are preparing your music service.
  • You can learn the tune of the hymns in case you can't read music.
  • Not sure if your congregation is familiar with hymns you want to use? After you choose hymns for a service, put links to them on your church Web site. This lets church members learn the hymns ahead of time.
  • Does your church have a hard time singing certain hymns? Put links to them on your Web site so church members can learn them better.
  • Choir members can learn their own voices of the hymns using the Digital Hymnal's four voice arrangements.
  • Is the hymn too high or too low? No problem, you can transpose a digital hymn to whatever key you want!
  • Teach your kids the classic hymns that some modern hymnals no longer carry.
  • Need background music for a church Web site? Download one of the public domain MIDI files!
  • Know someone who's housebound and can't get to church? The Digital Hymnal can supplement home worship or Bible study.
  • Know someone who's hard of hearing and has difficulty picking up hymn tunes in church? Have him sit down with the Digital Hymnal and turn up the speaker volume!
  • Know missionaries who need hymnals? If they have an Internet connection, tell them about this site.
  • Know someone who home schools their children? The Digital Hymnal can help kids learn music along with their ABC's!
  • Know military personnel overseas who may not have easy access to a chapel? If they have an Internet connection, tell them about this site!
  • Can't sleep at night? Here's a chance to learn some new music, enjoy old, familiar tunes, and be in communion with God.


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